Knowledge Transfer and Family Influence: Effects on Innovation and Performance

Claudio G. Müller, School of Economics and Business, University of Chile.


Sherri Noxel y Claudio Muller
Sherri Noxel y Claudio Muller

The main objective is to analyze what characteristics possessed by a family firm and its family-member employees promote behaviors that share and transfer knowledge between them and non-family employees, customers and suppliers, and how this knowledge can improve the firm’s innovation and performance. We can contribute to the literature on family firms in three ways. First: by bolstering recent research on managing knowledge and innovation in family firms and their impact on performance (Price, Stoica & Boncella 2013; Schillaci, Romano & Nicotra 2013; Chen, Tsao, & Chen 2013; Kraus, Pohjola & Koponen 2012). Second: by improving our understanding of how family influence affects innovation, knowledge management and performance; and Third: by basing our analysis on data from family firms in a Latin American country (Chile), the first time we believe this has been don as a research investigation.

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