• Ph.D. candidate in Business Economics (2008 – 2015). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Doctoral Dissertation “Innovación y adaptabilidad de las empresas familiares en la industria del vino en Chile.” (Innovation and Adaptability of Family Businesses in the Wine Industry in Chile) Advisors: Doctor Patricio Morcillo and Doctor Carlos Merino.
  • MPhil in Business Economics (Diploma Estudios Avanzados) (2006-2008). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.
  • Certificate for Entrepreneurship Educators (2013). Babson College, USA.
  • MBA (2003). Sellinger School of Business – Loyola University in Maryland, USA.
  • BSc Industrial Engineer (1996). Universidad Federico Santa María, Chile.

Academic Appointments

  • Adjunct Professor (2011 –), School of Economics and Business, University of Chile.
  • Visiting Research Scholar (February 2017), School of Business Administration, Stetson University, DeLand, USA.
  • Professor (2007 – 2011), School of Business and Economics, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile.
    Instructor (2005 – 2007), School of Economics and Business, University of Chile.


Graduate level:
  • Strategic Business Planning (2014 –).
  • Supply Chain Management (2009 – 2015).
  • International Business (2008 – 2009).
Undergraduate level:
  • Planning and Control in Family Business (2017).
  • Corporate Governance in Family Firms (2012 – 2013).
  • Family Business Management (2008 – 2011).
  • Operations Research (2005-2007).
  • Operations Management (2005 – 2013).
Executive education
  • Strategic Quality Management (2009 –).
  • Supply Chain Management (2015 -)
  • Doing Business in Chile (2010-2011).
  • Principles of Quality Management (2005 – 2009). Executive Education.
  • Business Process Management (2005 – 2013). Executive Education

Research Interest

  • Family Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Firm behavior and Governance mechanisms.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

  • Parada, M. J., Muller, C., & Gimeno, AL. (2016). Family Businesses in Ibero-America: An Introduction. Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administración, 29(3), 216-221.

Professional Journal

  • Bonilla, C. & Muller, C. (2012). Emprendimiento y Calidad Institucional en Latinoamérica.
  • Management Made in Chile. Trend Management Review, 145 – 149.
  • Muller, C. (2007). Estrategias de Innovación para las Empresas: Análisis de posturas estratégicas. Revista Contabilidad y Sistemas. Universidad de Chile. Páginas 12-21. Vol 3. Nro 4.

Refereed Conference Presentations and Poster Presentations

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Family Business in The Wine Industry. Presented at XXVI Congreso Nacional ACEDE. June 2016, Vigo, Spain. Coauthor with Robert Randolph.
  • Labour management relations in Family Businesses: A Psychological Contract Approach. Presented at 12th Annual Family Enterprise Research Conference. June 2016, Fundação Dom Cabral, Brazil.
  • Sustainability in Family and Non-Family Businesses: A Case Study of the Chilean Wine Industry. Presented at 11th Annual Family Enterprise Research Conference. June 2015, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA.
  • Family Businesses and Innovation Management. Presented at XXV Congreso Nacional ACEDE. June 2015, Jaén Spain.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Family Influence: Effects on Innovation and Performance. Presented at 10th Annual Family Enterprise Research Conference, Austin Family Business Program and Oregon State University, June 2014, Portland, Oregon.
  • Management Control Systems, Strategy and Performance: An Exploratory Analysis of Family and Non-Family Firms in Chile. Presented at 10th Annual Family Enterprise Research Conference, Austin Family Business Program and Oregon State University, June 2014, Portland, Oregon. Coauthor with Moses Acquaah.
  • Family Ownership and Firm Performance evidence from Integrated Latin American Stock Market. Presented at 9th Annual Family Enterprise Research Conference, May 2013. Viña del Mar, Chile. Coauthor with Claudio Bonilla, Gonzalo Gómez, and José Betancourt.
  • Entrepreneurship and Institutional Quality: Measuring value added in the economy. Presented at 8th Family Enterprise Research Conference, Concordia University. May 2012, Montreal. Canada. Coauthor with Claudio Bonilla.
  • Family Ownership and Firm Performance: Evidence from Public Companies in Chile and Peru. 12th Annual IFERA World Family Business Research Conference. University of Bordeaux IV. June 2012, France. Coauthor with Claudio Bonilla.
  • Research with colleagues in underrepresented nations: The Latin-American Case in the high impact Journals. Session # 370. Presented at 73rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Agosto 2012, Boston, MA. United States. Coauthor with Christian Cancino.

Non-Refereed Conference Presentations

  • Innovation in Family Firms: The Case of Chile. Presented at Stetson University. DeLand, USA. February 2016.
  • Family Business in Developing Countries: Myths and realities. Presented at Family Firm Institute Global Conference. London, UK. October 2015. With Dante De Lucía and Fernanda Hurtado.
  • The Corporate Governance in Family Business. Presented at Universidad Panamericana. Guadalajara, México. April 2015.
  • Latinoamérica en contexto de la estrategia de la empresa familiar. Presented at Fundacion Universitaria Luis Amigó. Manizales, Colombia. September 2015.
  • Managing Intellectual Capital at the Family Firm: A case study. 27th Research & Education Symposium – Family Firm Institute Global Conference. San Diego, USA. October 2013.

Works under Review & Preparing for Submission

  • Muller, C. & Randolph, R. Sustainability Initiatives within Family and Non-Family Firms: Evidence from the Chilean Wine Industry. Preparing for submission to Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
  • Bonilla, C. & Muller, C. Economic Freedom and Institutional Quality: Productivity of Entrepreneurship. Preparing for submission to Journal of Business Venturing.
  • Muller, C., Morcillo, P., & Merino, C. Innovation in Family Businesses in the Wine Industry. Preparing for submission to Innovation European Journal of Social Science Research.

Current Academics Appointments and Service

  • Book Understanding Family Firms in Latin America. Co Editor will be publish by Taylor & Francis Group (2017).
  • Special Issue Co Guest Editor, Family Business and Local Development in Iberoamerica. Journal Cross Cultural & Strategic Management (2018).
  • Special Issue Co Guest Editor, Family Entrepreneurship in Latinamerica. Management Research. Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management (2018).

Editorial Appointments, Referee and Service

  • Special Issue Guest Co Editor, Strategy in Small Family Firms. Journal of Small Business Strategies (2016).
  • Special Issue Guest Co Editor, Family Firms in Iberoamerica. Academia Latin American Business Journal (2015).
  • Member of the Board for Family Enterprise research Conference (2012 – today).
  • FERC 2016 Career Academy Chair.
  • Referee of the following academic journals: Academia, Cuadernos de Administración (2014 – today).
  • Referee of the following conference paper: Academy of Management, FERC, IFERA, ACEDE (2012 – today).
  • Conference Service Co-Chair or Track Chair: FERC, IFERA, BALAS, ENEFA, FFI, Ibero Academy of Management (2011 – today).
  • Coordinator of the initiative FERC Spanish Discussion Group (2014 -).
  • Overall Chair for 9th Annual Family Enterprise Research Conference, Viña del Mar Chile (2013).
  • Coach at the Chilean Team at First Family Enterprise Case Competition, Burlington USA (2013).

Technical Skills

  • Structural Equation Modeling: Attend at Workshop of the 2nd International Symposium on PLS Path Modeling, June 2015, Seville, Spain. Taught by Joe F. Hair.
  • Scientific Applications: MATLAB, SPSS, STATA, Smart PLS.

Awards and Honors

  • Best Doctoral Student Paper Award (2013) 9th Annual Family Enterprise Research Conference.
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (2003).


  • Academy of Management (2011 – )
  • Family Firm Institute (2011 – )
  • Strategic Management Society (2013 -)
  • Academy of International Business (2013 -)


  • Spanish (native), fluent in English. Conversational fluency in Portuguese.

Personal Information

  • Resident in Santiago de Chile.
  • Citizenship: Chilean.
  • Married, two children